You’ve wiped down every surface. Now do the same to your air.

New from Remington, the Airetrex 365™ Home Air Sanitizer is a simple, safe, effective way to clean the air in your home using ultraviolet and filter technology. Now unwanted pathogens have nowhere to hide.

  • Fights Viruses
    And Bacteria

    Sanitize the air you breathe
    multiple times an hour

  • Powerful UV-C
    Sanitizing Light

    Best-in-class UV-C bulb for
    best-in-class sanitation

  • High Volume Air Flow
    For Better Circulation

    Quiet 2-speed fan to quickly
    circulate air throughout

  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Backed by support by our top-notch customer service team

The moment you plug in the Remington Airetrex 365™ Home Air Sanitizer, it quietly goes to work, neutralizing bacteria, germs, allergens, viruses and yes, worry.

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A Million-Watt idea that runs on 40-watt energy.

It all starts with a high-intensity UV-C light. Add to this a unique reflective metal interior to further increase the light’s intensity and dwell time, and you have a combination that effectively destroys allergens, bacteria, germs and viruses. Through the use of a charcoal filter, the Airetrex 365 circulates air more quickly, keeping the room sanitized as family and guests come and go. It does all of this while operating quietly and without emitting any harmful chemicals, so you can run it safely using the same amount of energy as a 40-watt bulb.

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Hospitals use UV-C light, now your living room can, too.

Sanitizing surfaces is only half of the battle against the spread of bacteria and viruses, That’s why hospitals routinely use ultra-violet light technology to disinfect patient areas. The Airetrex 365 is designed to move air around a powerful UV-C light to destroy contaminants in your home such as allergens, bacteria, germs, mold spores and viruses that standard HEPA-style air filters often miss. Now, pathogens have nowhere to hide.

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so quiet you’ll forget it’s there.

Simply plug the Airetrex 365 in and it goes to work, day and night, quietly removing pathogens from your home. No noisy, high-maintenance HEPA filter – the Airetrex 365 features a charcoal filter that’s designed for quiet operation and minimal maintenance. Safe for children and pets, it’s perfect for any room that has people and air.

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Compact Home cleaning unit with charcoal filter,
UV-C sanitizer and odor reduction.



16″ x 12″ x 12″
Touch Screen Controls
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Free Shipping Anywhere in the U.S.

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Purify your air faster than you can do a load of laundry

The Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer can exchange the air 3 times per hour in an 18′ x 10′ (180ft²) living room or nearly 6 times in a 10′ x 10′ (100ft²) bedroom, nursery, dorm room or office.


“A sneeze can blast saliva and mucus well beyond current social distancing guidelines, and tiny droplets can remain in the air longer than thought.”

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“Viruses are especially susceptible to [UV-C light], more so than bacteria, and are also difficult to filter because of their size.”



“Decrease in airborne bacteria after installation [of UV-C light] is significant.”


Sanitizing Without The Chemicals

“UV light is a particularly good option for sanitation because it kills bacteria regardless of drug resistance and without toxic chemicals.”



Why choose an Airetrex 365 for your family?

HOME OFFICE 100 ft 2 5 3/4 per hour
BEDROOM 120 ft 2 4 3/4 per hour
FAMILY ROOM 190 ft 2 3 per hour
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Is UV-C light safe to use in a home?

The Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer is designed with safety in mind. The UV-C bulb is located in the center of an air exchanger in the heart of the unit. It shields the rest of the room and its occupants from any of the UV-C light.

With this safety feature, the UV-C light is only dangerous to airborne pathogens that flow through the Airetrex 365.

What is UV-C Light?

UV-C light has been used to kill germs, bacteria and viruses for over 100 years. UV-C is a type of ultraviolet light that occurs naturally and is filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere. UV-C technology is used today in hospitals, commercial buildings and other public spaces to kill pathogens in water, on surfaces and in the air.

The “C” stands for the particular frequency of UV light. This light frequency is highly effective at penetrating thin-walled pathogens like germs, viruses, and bacteria. The UV-C light alters the genetic structure of the pathogen rendering it damaged or inert.

How does the Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer work?

The Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer recirculates the air in your living space and exposes it to a high-intensity UV-C light located safely inside the unit. The UV-C light bounces off of a unique reflective metal interior further increases the UV-C light’s intensity as well as increase the dwell time of the airborne pathogens inside the home air sanitizer. This combination helps to effectively combat allergens, bacteria, germs and viruses.

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

We are so confident that you will love your Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer that Remington offers a no-question, 60-day money-back guarantee. Simply return the Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer in its original package and we will refund your full purchase price.

How loud is the Remington Airetrex 365?

The Remington Airetrex, at high speed, is 50 decibels. A decibel (dB) is the unit used to measure the intensity of a sound. 50dB equates to the volume of a small floor fan or the background noise of an average home.

How long will it take for my Remington Airetrex 365 to arrive?

Your Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer will ship within 2 business days.

Supplies are limited, act now to ensure you are the first to receive the Remington Airetrex 365 before they are gone.

Is it safe for children and pets?

Absolutely. The Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer is as safe as other electrical devices in your home. While we advise that children and pets are supervised around the home air sanitizer, we do provide a special Child Lock feature on the unit to prevent unwanted changes to the settings. While operating, the Remington Airetrex 365 is cool to the touch.

Does the Airetrex 365 produce heat?

No, the Remington Airetrex 365 produces little to no heat. That makes it perfect for use in bedrooms, nurseries, dorm room and anywhere you or your family congregates regardless of the season.

Will the Remington Airetrex 365 keep myself and my family from catching coronavirus?

No home air sanitizer can guarantee complete safety from coronavirus or other contaminates. However, the Remington Airetrex 365 provides protection from airborne pathogens. In addition to maintaining a healthy air quality in your home or office, it is important to sanitize surfaces, exercise precaution and follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations anytime you may be exposed to bacteria or viruses.

How long does it take to recirculate air in a room?

The Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer can exchange the air 3 times per hour in an 18’ x 10’ (180ft2) living room or nearly 6 times in a 10’ x 10’ (100ft2) bedroom, nursery or office.

Do I have to replace the bulb?

Remington suggests replacing the UV-C bulb every 8000 hours, or two years, whichever comes first to maintain optimum performance.  An onboard run-time indicator monitors the hours of usage and alerts you when it is time to replace the bulb. The bulb is easy to replace and is available through Remington or anywhere the Remington Airetrex 365 is sold.

How many units do I need for my house?

The Remington Airetrex 365 is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, dens, nurseries, and dorm rooms. The Remington Airetrex 365 works most effectively when allowed to run continuously to sanitize and recirculate the air volume of a room several times per hour. The Remington Airetrex 365 can exchange the air 3 times per hour in an 18’ x 10’ (180ft2) living room or nearly 6 times in a 10’ x 10’ (100ft2) bedroom or office.


While the Airetrex 365 is light weight and portable, Remington suggests a unit in each room where family members gather or spend a lot of time. The Airetrex 365 is not designed for outdoor use.

Does the Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer produce Ozone?

No. The type of UV-C bulb technology that Remington uses in the Airetrex 365 does not emit any harmful ozone.

How is the Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer different than air purifiers currently on the market?

Most of the air purifiers on the market rely on a HEPA filter to capture larger particles in the environment. While these products may be effective in catching larger contaminates in the filter, smaller pathogens may not be caught. The Remington Airetrex 365 uses UV-C light to neutralize these smaller particles.

How expensive is the Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer to operate?

The Remington Airetrex 365 is inexpensive to operate, only requiring the same amount of electricity as a 40 watt lightbulb.

How long is the warranty?

The Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer has a 1-year limited product warranty.

Is shipping really free?

Yes! We will ship your Remington Airetrex 365 Home Air Sanitizer anywhere in the United States for free. For shipments outside the U.S., please contact customer service for a quote.

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