Heat Output220,000 BTU
Heating Area5,500 sq. ft.
Air Flow685 CFM
Fuel Tank Capacity13 gal
Fuel Consumption1.29/1.67 gal/hr
Max Operating Hours10 hours
Noise82 dBA

  • Silentdrive Technology produces half the noise of a comparable heater
  • Maintenance-free electronic pump
  • 46% less electricity consumed verses a comparable heater
  • Cold weather start in temperatures as low as -4ºF
  • Top-mounted controls with multiple-function LED readout
  • Contractor grade fuel cap
  • Heavy-duty solid wheels
  • Fuel gauge
  • Power on/off switch
  • Error indicator light

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Product Description

The Remington SilentDrive® 220 is the quietest forced air heating solution for spaces up to 5,500 sq. ft. It utilizes Master’s newest development in torpedo heater design, developed from 6 decades of consumer feedback. SilentDrive® Technology heaters are 50% quieter, 46% more energy efficient than an equivalent conventional forced air heater. SilentDrive® heaters also require no routine maintenance to keep them running smoothly, and also come equipped with the most modern safety features available.

For reference, a normal 200,000 BTU torpedo heater produces around 92 dBA of noise while operating, or about the same as a motorcycle. The Remington SilentDrive® 220 (220,000 BTU) heater produces just 82 dBA while running, or around the same as a household vacuum cleaner.

Equipped with a built-in thermostat for precise and convenient temperature control.

CSA Certified to run on 1-K kerosene, #1 diesel fuel, Jet A Fuel, and #1 fuel oil, the Remington SilentDrive® 22 is a versatile multi-fuel heater.

Advanced Safety Features include high temperature limit shut off, flame-out fuel cut, a thermocouple and robust safety guards.

The Remington SilentDrive® 220 kerosene space heater is great for use in places such as medium area construction sites, garages, workshops, warehouses, barns or outdoor winter sporting events.

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